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Animal Acting & Basic Behavior Training

Marla Cooper combines over 20 years experience as a film and TV producer with her education and experience as a dog trainer to teach tricks, animal acting and basic behavior classes at Hollywood Dog Stars. Using positive reinforcement training, she prepares dogs to make great pets as well as to enter the exciting world of show business. In addition to being a producer, Marla is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KSA), an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.   She also has an M.A. and B.A. in Communications (TV and Film) and graduated from wild animal training school, where she worked with a variety of species, including wolves, lions and tigers.  Additionally she is a college professor with multiple teaching credentials.

Marla has been an International Competitor in Europe and South America on several occasions, a National Agility Finalist, a Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Competitor, a Westminster Dog Show Competitor and obtained 6 MACHs and 3 ADCHs (championship titles) with her dogs Roxy (a golden retriever who is in the Agility Dog Hall of Fame) and her border collies Synergy, Spritz and Sage. Marla is also currently training her young border collie, Splash (imported from Poland) for set work and agility competition.  Her border collie Synergy has been in many commercials and is one of the first dogs to achieve an AKC Trick Dog Performer title (TKP).

Marla has trained many dogs (and even a cat) for numerous TV commercials and TV shows and as well as being a dog trainer on Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.

Her philosophy is that dog training is just a dance with your dog where two become one in perfect harmony!

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